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I absolutely love series it’s such a great app and easily beats Episode, along with the other new interactive games! This app has so much potential please don’t over think it! I look forward to experiencing new features and watch this app grow! Character Customs are a big way to get more users if players can customize themselves and potential love interest that’ll be amazing! Aside from stories that are deprived from movies and TV shows leave those characters alone lol. I absolutely love John Bender since I’ve firsf seen the breakfast club! Happy to be one of the few thousands of people that have found and played this app. 
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  • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! We look forward to bringing even more game updates your way.
  • Yep the character customization is the best of all the story interactive games!
  • I really like the character customization as well and I’m definitely not the only one. One thing I really love is the inclusion of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual options in Law and Order and Sixteen Candles, however I was disappointed that it wasn’t an option in the Breakfast Club.
  • New Breakfast Club Season?
  • We have plans to release season 2 for Breakfast Club but not likely until after summer. Thanks for playing!
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