Network Connection Error 2

Hello there! Ever since yesterday, it's been popping up everytime i start the game. Even on my data is loads for awhile until it brings that message again but as the other wifi is just pops it up just like that. I clear the background apps running, the cache, and tried to turn the internet off then on but it's not working at all. I didn't even link my account for facebook because i didn't even know you can do that until yesterday. Please is there any other way? I don't wanna lose my data for it and have to play them all over again.


  • I am also having issues with that and I WILL NOT START MY GAME OVER AGAIN SO PLS FIX IT . 
  • Hey, elle! My problem was solved by me uninstalling then installing it again which i thought was gonna start over again but all my progress was still there actually. I don't know if it depends on the phone but as long as the phone you using to play the app is in the same phone then i think it would keep your progress there too. If not, i'm really sorry. 
    (Also the support team didn't help me solve it at all and said i was gonna lose my progress for it but they was wrong.)
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