Season/Show Suggestions

I would love to see Gossip Girl, How I met your Mother and Scrubs as games! I had other ideas too but can’t think of them right now. Wish the 💎 choices werent so much I burn thru them so fast otherwise I have to wait till I have played 28 other esp and not spend on those. A daily login to earn 💎 would be awesome and/or watching ads to earn them


  • I would love to play Power Rangers as a game.

  • Thanks for the suggestions! We will make sure our developers have this information.
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    I have a few series suggestions! I'd love to see Summer School, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Shameless, Doogie Howser MD, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Zombieland, The Lost Boys, The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Star Wars (original trilogy), Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, The Outsiders, The Karate Kid, Back to the Future, Reservoir Dogs, Beetlejuice, Cry Baby, Can't Buy Me Love, Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Matrix, and The Umbrella Academy. I agree with abbzsterz in that with the gems options should cost less and a login streak should get you gems. Maybe ask players that if they want to watch an ad it gets them one or two gems per ad.
  • Thank you LuckyDragon56 for all of the ideas!
  • I would love to see a superhero story something like Arrow or the Flash would be cool to see
  • I definitely agree with acranley that I would love to see an Arrowverse story. I would also love to see Gotham be a story here.

    For the Series Originals, I definitely recommend anything with a crime or superhero theme because I feel like those stories can go in many interesting directions and have unique plot twists.
  • These all sound great. I will pass along the feedback!
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