Why when I win ranked I don't get any progress

So I won a ranked once but didn't got any stars or daily reward progress so I won ranked again and same thing happened.
It was working fine untill bronze 1 with 2 stars and winstreak of 3 or 4

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  • PeleretPeleret
    edited June 2019
    PS: before I played these 2 times I had 4 games played and 4 games won so obviously 0 loses too and after these two wins I still have 4 games played, 4 wins, 0 loses 
  • It's not only visual bug with rewards - on ranked mode there's always info that you have no empty slots for safes, even if you do have it, and no safes are added. So - no safes from ranked games. And no progress to daily reward.
    Quick match however gives you safes and counts to daily reward, but you can't claim weekly reward - after first match it tells you that your reward is claimed, which probably isn't true.
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