Why when I win ranked I don't get any progress

So I won a ranked once but didn't got any stars or daily reward progress so I won ranked again and same thing happened.
It was working fine untill bronze 1 with 2 stars and winstreak of 3 or 4

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    There is currently a visual bug with the shown rewards in game, but your score should not be affected by this. This bug is on our to do list, and hopefully we will be able to offer a fix in the near future.


  • PeleretPeleret
    edited June 9
    PS: before I played these 2 times I had 4 games played and 4 games won so obviously 0 loses too and after these two wins I still have 4 games played, 4 wins, 0 loses 
  • It's not only visual bug with rewards - on ranked mode there's always info that you have no empty slots for safes, even if you do have it, and no safes are added. So - no safes from ranked games. And no progress to daily reward.
    Quick match however gives you safes and counts to daily reward, but you can't claim weekly reward - after first match it tells you that your reward is claimed, which probably isn't true.
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