Elite league, utterly pointless grind

Hey, I've played this game quite a bit by now, playing around an hour per day which is about as much as I can squeeze in, loved it so far, played a lot of PD2 back in the day and liking the vibe of Crime War. 

I've played my way upp the ranked mode and finally reached Elite league today only to be seriously disappointed. The grind in Confront league was viable though sometimes frustrating (I'll get back to why) but the structure of Elite league is utterly pointless and leaves the casual player with no reason to play any further. Unless you've got a team you pretty much can't progress seeing as you either gain 3 points or lose 9, in other words a 75% win rate has you at a stand still. Even if you team up and somehow gain a 100% win rate you'd still need around 30 hours of game time per season just in order to reach the next reset level, bring that down to 90% and we're looking at around 45 hours per season to reach the next level. Given the pro mode I assume that people teaming up is to some extent what you're going for, don't forget the casual players that neither have teams nor the time to grind several hours per day though.    
Some suggestion to improve the situation for the casual gamer:
 - Improve matchmaking: I realize the player count isn't huge at this point making matchmaking more difficult, at least make it so that a match is never allowed to have uneven numbers of human players on the teams. Considering how pathetic the bots are uneven numbers of human players makes it so that you either steamroll or get steamrolled unless the skill and equipment level is higher on the team with fewer humans.


  • - Also, to make the game more enjoyable improve the bots in the following areas
    1: Improve detection range, it's like they're not seeing you until they're on top of you.
    2: Improve reaction times on firing they're weapons, they're surprisingly good with the throwing knife at times but very slow on pulling the trigger.
    3: Improve aim, not saying to make them have laser aim but their aim is really pathetic at this point.
    4: Add cues for which direction to face when they drill or jam, they always face the safe which in most cases means looking into a wall, doesn't exactly diminish their general uselessness
    5: If possible add cues for use of the skills, feels like they never use them even remotely correct from a strategic standpoint. 

    - Also, please look into a different structure for the Elite league, as I mentioned there's no point in even trying for the casual gamer. 

    - For the future a more engaging upgrade system for the weapons, mods and such, would be nice to keep the players engaged, very one dimensional at this point. 

    - Also, how the beep do you get your hands on the Mark 10 and AK17, don't know how many safes I've opened but they seem impossible to get.

    That's my main gripes at this point, keep up the good work and hope to see more players and further updated once you leave soft launch.

    Best regards,
  • Oh, forgot to sum up my issues coherently by the way, a bit too much rambling in my previous posts. Good gameplay in combo with a good progression is what keep players playing. You've got good gameplay in spades. Progression consists of working on your loadout and climbing the ranks, by the time you reach Elite most players will have settled on a favorite loadout, mine is close to maxed out at this point. That leaves climbing the ranks which is fine except for the fact that the current structure pretty much makes Elite a brick wall. Goals and ambitions as in life in general is what keeps people grinding, good gameplay alone won't do it for a lot of us, hence there needs to be attainable goals. Not saying it should be easy but with the current structure it's pretty much futile trying to climb the ranks. Coming up in Confront I've got an about 80% win rate from playing with randoms, apply that to the Confront structure and reaching the Platinum 2 safety level would take me about 250 games or about 35 hours which is a lot in a month for a casual player (about 7 games per hour is fair given wait and load times). Apply my win rate to the current Elite points structure though and I need to quadruple the effort to 1000 games or 140 hours per month, I'm guessing you see my point by now. In other words, please tweak the structure, Elite should be hard but you shouldn't have to join a clan to make progress, that will just make people drop the game. 
  • Hi Cheeseman,

    Thank you so much for writing this out, this is solid feedback. I'll make sure the team sees this so we can take this on board while we work to improve the game.
  • "- Also, how the beep do you get your hands on the Mark 10 and AK17, don't know how many safes I've opened but they seem impossible to get."

    Really true, never drop this cards AND the Mine of Hoxton too :/ NEVER DROPS
  • I've got the hox mine a few times but I think it was purchase for $ only, never in the box. Ak17 and Mark 10 never drop for me too
  • Mine appears Only purchase safes?? No way :/ This is so bad Overkill
  • I wrote that poorly. I meant to say that the hox mines only come up in the daily purchase area for game $$$ not real money

    They have never come in a reward box for me.
  • Bots are fine as they are at the moment. Think of people with less upgraded weapoms and characters with worst equipment because they did not unlokcnthat many safes. It will make it very hard for players to win if bots wont have that small delay 
  • I don't think this should be seen at the moment given a smaller number of players in the match.
    The casual player is already talking (Casual) It will hardly rise in rank without devoting himself. Reach a high level and stay a few days or weeks without playing yes your performance will no longer be the same.
    The game has to focus on characters and skills and bring different maps, maybe more TRAP system.
    Pay Day is a very addictive game.
    I agree on the part that there has to be a system that helps the solo player to have a better match level. And give more impetus to casual play more often.
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