Update 0.9.1 is Live - Our Biggest Update So Far…

...and it’s packed with awesome features!

It’s been a while. We know, we missed you too. We were eager to share all our excitement with you but wanted to wait until we had something exciting to show. Our team has been hard at work for months, polishing every detail and adding loads of new content. 

We are sorry for the wait, but the time has finally come to share the progress the team has made. Thanks for sticking with us through this process, and for your amazing support so far.

In this update, you can expect:


Alongside the 0.9.1 update for Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic, we’re bringing the game to more territories: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India and Canada.


Brand new PVP maps - never before seen in the PAYDAY Universe. Infiltrate the new “Diamond Store” or beef up security as you defend the “New Branch Bank”. We have more exciting new maps planned for future game updates, so stay tuned.


Become infamous as you put your skills to the test competing with the top players around the world in Elite Leagues. At the end of each season, you’ll gain access to exclusive rewards - including new weapons and skins to add to your character loadouts.


Step up your game with new daily challenges and side jobs. Completing each task earns you experience and gets you another step closer to unlocking new characters with new abilities that can mean the difference between success or defeat. We’ll be looking for feedback on the types of side jobs you’re enjoying most to ensure future content is fun and meaningful - so please let us know what you think!


Sometimes you only get one chance to make an impression. With new weapons and skins to collect - you’ll optimize your loadout, customize your look and heist in style. 


Players now have a single leveling system, which will be used across all characters to ensure that every match matters. Unlock different loadouts as you play to max out your character and gear levels as you face down opponents in chaotic 4v4 battles.


Each character is now (more) unique, with exclusive loadouts and abilities to match their personality. We’ve simplified some of the core systems for better balancing now and in the future as new content is added. Try out different play styles and strategize with your friends to create the perfect team. More characters will be available in the future, adding even more variety and styles to choose from.

**BETA veterans can expect a few bonus rewards as a big thank you for playing and continuing to help to improve the game. Rewards include an exclusive Heister and Enforcer character skin unlock and in-game currency as tokens of our gratitude. The game wouldn’t be what it is without you, and we’re excited to continue working alongside players to shape the future of PAYDAY: Crime War.**

- The PAYDAY: Crime War Team

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