What's your ability & weapon of choice and why?

Hey everyone :)

So what weapon and equipment do you prefer to take and why? I lean towards the Mosconi 12G but its low level compared to the rest of my stuff at the moment (and I dont like the ECM jammer but the MAC10 as a secondary works well) but my go to HAS to be the Platypus 70 with healing as Dallas (or Dozer as JTC) :D

What about you?


  • EvuleonEvuleon
    edited June 2019
    I like to play with trip mines, it's fun. Sentry guns too. But now 99% of games I'm Chains/Sanders, so Mosconi all the way. Rarely switching to Mark10. Used to have Mosconi with Bronco, it was working quite fine too. Of course ECM Jammer skill isn't fun at all, as I can't really see its effect on enemies, but on the other side, I hate when enemy use jammer on me, so probably they hate me no less :smiley:
    I've tried to play with Platypus, it can be fun, and it is, on bigger maps. But I'm most effective with my Mosconi around the corner, shooting in the face full load of pelets.
  • PeleretPeleret
    edited June 2019
    I use AK .762 on wolf and white streak pistol which I use often due to a lack of ammo for primary weapon. Sentry is good if you place it in a right place and his passive ability is perfect.. 40% faster reload speed :open_mouth:
    As a cop surprisingly I dont use Guerra (aka police version of wolf) but Bones which uses trip mines and can run faster to jam those drills. Jk I use him cuz the bug doesnt allow me to put correct armor on Guearra. Anyways I use AK on him too but as secondary I use the most OP weapon mark 10 (infinite ammo, high dps and fast reload but high spread so u gotta get close)
    PS: platypus sux if you face a guy with 150 power and you only have 50, same with mosconi.
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