Release Everything

I think, as a reward for those of us who have played and supported this game for the past year, that ALL the cars should be released to EVERYONE as a thank you, including ALL the hero cars, no games or missions to acquire these cars, just a total release. It seems only fair

And, just curious, Has 2 questions.

1. Were the hero cars or the team mission parts ever planned to be released in the game?

2. Are you planning on doing another game simalar to this one?


  • I second Ozzy's request. Please release all the cars. We understand your decision. I hope you'll understand our request too. Thank you.
  • Not being a dick but there’s no way in hell they are going to do that. 
  • Hahaha. Well. In the corporate world, everything goes only by the books. So I too have guessed it but then, hope is all that we've got right now. I've seen similar requests on the Facebook page as well with no response, whatsoever.
  • Well,LOL, unless they plan on releasing another game like this one, they may have just committed corporate suicide. Think I'm kidding SMG? Why not see where CIE games is now? They pulled the same thing when they killed off Car Town, the players after that would never play another game they released afterwards and in a sense did our own brand of payback. Has seen some of your other games in the play store, they are ALL lame. SO, up to you...either brings us a better FnF game to replace this or, I dunno, See if Mickey D's is hiring one will forget and/or support you again. And this is not a threat, it's a warning.

    Bets I don't get a response from the mods on this either

    And yeah, I'm dead serious on CIE games, They were once ranked very high in the game/money making world...Fairly sure they no longer exist anymore
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