hero challenge

Anyone else having problems with the hero challenge? played the first day now it wont let me play anymore plus (lol) seems to have lost my progress from the first day. tried the install/reinstall trick but all that did was screw up my garage again..honda type r blacked out now. on a side note tho..the uninstall/reinstall trick works on google play account


  • Yeah me too.  But I lost my whole game.   I got to restart from beginning earlier. 
  • I just downloaded the game again to see what the hero car was. The ford escort again???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. What a joke this game is. 
  • When did we do a new hero challenge??? Just wondering cuz I've only done the escort one a long time ago is there a new one recently???
  • Nope, No new ones yet, Is hoping once they get tired of doing Hobbs/Shaw mini games they do another Hero Car and hopefully in order cause it be the GTX, Been waiting forever
    Hopefully they introduce new cars too, maybe just add more levels with them. I've been seeing cars not even available to us in the game like a new Corvette, Shelby GT500, different Nissans and a Toyota Blackhawk or something, but hopefully they are adding these. I still don't understand why they pulled the Shelby Daytona, that license must be ok, I still have my Shelby SuperSnake
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