Shaw Update

Beware loading in the new update for the Shaw races, Did it to both my games, Since then it has tried to level me up on versus on one and both show race cases to open, do NOT open these, last time it did this I did it on my non facebook game and that is when my other boxes would not open or go on time at all. Also, look at where you are on your vehicle upgrades, took 5 off one of mine and 8 on the other..nice huh? 3000 down to 2200 :(
I also played the first Shaw adventure on my non facebook game, you use the flip car this time and it's takedowns, 5 races, i was over the limit on the first race but, it gives you the triple cash option for watching videos, It is not paying you off tho..
That's all the bugs I've found so far...After i installed the upgrade tho..all the shaw adventures disappeared from the game along with the new ice rush takedown challenge (it would not play anyways, kept getting an error box on it)
I've sent the trouble emails on both games to the help section, whenever they answer me, I'll relay it here
Lets hope they fix it soon


  • Found more stuff wrong, on my main game, my cars leveled up to the next level even tho i was at 3000 before the update and it dropped me to 2200, but it showing the GT40 and RX7 waiting to be found in my's even more bizarre in my 2nd game, went from 1000 to 500 on level 13, has atleast 4 cars waiting to be found (Viper, 350Z, subaru Concept and MB AMG I think...PLUS..level 15 has just disappeared comepletely and so has half the cars in the remaining levels...shows 1hero car and 1 regular car in the levels left
    Has tickets in for both and CS knows bout it, they replied once
    Keep ya all updated as to whatever they tell me
  • SO, has an update I guess, Got a reply from the help people, Told me to go ahead and open those race cases which I did and everything seems to be working as normal there, so far anyways.
    As far as the missing points goes they told me that has been passed on to the dev team. I wrote them back and told them to also tell the dev team bout level 15 seems to have vanished and also, and this just a guess, but, about 4-9 cars or so on levels 16-20
    However, they told me these cars that are now highlighted in my garage that I know I haven't leveled up far enough to get but says are available to find is normal..not so sure bout that but if they want to give me a Viper before I'm supposed to on my 2nd game or the GT40 on my primary game also before I'm supposed to, Who am I to complain, lol
    Lastly, No sign of the Shaw missions or the Ice Rush takedown version since I've done the updates, BUT, I did play the first Shaw mission before the update which are takedown races instead of endurance like with Hobbs. You also get to use the Flip Car, which is wicked fun..Pretty much the same tracks for the most part as the Hobbs one with the exception of one...I only got to do 4 out of the 5 before it told me I won. I actually stomped it after the first race but, not gonna complain with letting me bank more cash. Also, These missions aren't free like hobbs first one was. First mission will cost you 40 idea how much on other 2
    Let ya all know if I hear more bout missing points or cars from upper levels
  • level 15 and now level 19 is missing too
  • Did I miss this Shaw flip car mission or what lol
  • I dunno km, I played it once on my secondary game before I did the update, lol, then it vanished after I did the update. I can tell you this much tho, The first mission costs 40 gold, not free like the Hobbs 1st mission, I beat the score needed after the 1st run and after 4 out of 5 runs it told me I won the box, lmbo. Also, I did the triple cash videos, did not receive the cash and I think the total cash I got in the box was 1100, even tho my points were like 330,000 plus
    I "think" if it comes out, and only going by the Shaw offer in the extras part that has a 5 day left timer on it, that it "may" appear on Monday after the FnF folks goes back to work after the weekend
    Also going with this "if it comes out" thing because not sure about anyone else, but my game had more than one issue after the update...most have been resolved, just has not gotten the points they took from me on the car levels...500 on my secondary and 800 on my primary games
  • Yeah after the last update my stuff was all messed up lol. Couldn’t open crates and my levels were messed up. Still have issues with the cars disappearing too 
  • My cars haven't exactly disappeared, tho has a couple on my secondary game that appear as black boxes, but they are still there...I hope they still plan on releasing the Shaw game tho, was pretty awesome using the Flip Car
  • Oh, BTW, I did get my missing points thing resolved today. On the primary game I was missing 800 points, Neil gave me 2 legendary cases and a $100,000 and on my secondary game I was missing 500 points so I got 1 legendary case and $50,000.
    Neil is pretty awesome, He has fixed my game a few times
  • Race number 5 is interesting in the first chapter, it’s hard to hit the opponents when they all drive off the road...
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