Ads after races

Has anyone else started getting ads after a challenge race? I never had this until the unlocking the crates problem was fixed. 


  • Hi km205, I am asking our developers now. Apologies as I missed your earlier inquiry.
  • Yes @km205 it started right with crates opening issue and now after some small update they today released my game constantly crashing after few seconds when is loaded and then u go to cars menu it just insta force close game.... 
  • If you're connected via a facebook account Mamho, try unloading and reloading the game thru your Play Store app, This usually works esp after they do updates, It will start you out again doing the 3 training missions again, but after that, it will give you the option to sign in with your Facebook account and your game will resume wherever you left it at. Do NOT try this tho if you are NOT signed in thru a Facebook account tho.
    It usually helps the gameplay run smoother/better after doing this trick too. Good luck!!
  • And km? I kinda understand the need for ads after the races, It's a free game basically so I understand the need for them to make money too. It's not after ALL the races, usually like half the challenge ones and the versus races if you're going for the triple cash payout, no tv for 30 seconds, lol
  • It’s all the challenge ones for me. And I don’t mind watching ads to shave some time for crates or triple the money lol. Was just wondering that’s all. 
  • Ya I dont mind watching them for the triple cash or to open cases but just random adds after u play a race or it u go to retry a race or a race in one of the events.its already alot just to get the extra cash or to open cases, now its hella lame that we have to watch them for free for nothing afterwards.i got an idea if u guys or the game makers dont want to change it at least suggest that we get a couple free random cards for it!!! Just an idea y'all I'm sure everyone would agree that it would be fair.

  • I really don't see the issue with the ads. Let me try to put it this way to everyone If you had a job somewhere would you do it for free? Of course not. Same thing here. You're not only looking at the costs of using the title of a movie franchise but also looking at the costs of using actual real licensed cars, not to mention the people who do the artwork for the game, programmers and lord knows what else. All these people would like to be paid for doing their jobs also and instead of charging the players to pay to play the game they run ads so those people will pay them to advertise on the game which in turn pays the people who make the game
    This isn't playstation or xbox, and as far as someone saying all games on phones or tablets are free, go to your playstore app and look up GTAV or something
  • All I asked was if people were getting the ads after the races too 🤣🤣. I’m not dumb either, I understand what the ads are for. 
  • i'm sorry km, I really was not aiming my response to you. just explaining why to those who might not know. Once again, my apologies
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