what is going on?

The title pretty much says it all. Yesterday we got no rewards for our daily challenges. Today there are no daily challenges whatsoever along with all the offers in add ons gone (escort box special, level up special boxes along with any other special offer packages. Hopefully this is a glitch and will be resolved when you all come back to work on Monday. I really hope you are not discontinuing the game but things are not looking good, This is pretty much what CIE did when they killed CarTown.


  • So, I have an update kinda, Seems if you open the game thru your google play store, the special offer packages re-appear so hopefully that means they aren't pulling the plug on the game, BUT, doing most of your daily missions is now impossible since you can no longer access the takedown or distance screens, Hopefully they fix this soon
  • I hope so, Ozzy. Both the challenges are back but the rewards?
  • Agreed. This is a huge issue. As every time I’ve contacted support they say we’re looking into it and please be patient..it’s getting old this game has been out way too long for stuff like this to keep happening. 
  • Yeah! High time to upgrade it to keep regular players like us keep going. I just hope the same past 2 days’ problem won’t happen again. I also wish the admin is reading all our discussions. 
  • I doubt we get any kind of response from Tony or anyone else until Monday, No one probably in the office or whatever, I do kind of wonder if we'll see our rewards tho or if they'll just do some kind of bonus thing for everyone, which, I dunno, would kind of stink. Knows if you try to look on the past leaderboards, you get the "error box" stuff.
    Guess it depends on how they got the challenges restarted, Is thinking if they had to reboot the servers or game or whatever then all of the previous information on who won what the past couple days might of gotten lost in the process but I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow
  • Yeah I don’t know but it’s still frustrating for sure. Last two days 2nd place in distance and top 50 in takedown. Regardless of if it’s the weekend or not we never get any sort of answers or updates. I mean they have social media accounts and don’t use em.
  • yeah, i know, has em on my messenger, no answer back outside of that they received my message
  • Stuff like this really makes me want to stop playing this game. I enjoy it for the most part don’t get me wrong but there are too many glitches still that should’ve been fixed. 
  • Hi guys, looking into this now ASAP. Did anyone already open a support ticket to expedite?
  • Can maybe only do a support ticket on one of my games, since it is connected to facebook, the other I'm playing as a guest since I only have one fb account. Pretty sure they'll just tell me to restart the game and knows i won't be able to retrieve that account. just probably be better to forget it and eat the loss. just happy you not ending the game
  • I already opened up a support ticket. I received my award from yesterday’s challenge but not the previous two. I was told to take a screenshot of the leaderboard but it only goes back the day before. Shouldn’t they be able to go back and look? If there’s another way to do it and I’m missing something please let me know. If it wasn’t two epic cases I’m missing I wouldn’t care. This happened a few months back too.
  • Hi guys, thanks for the quick response. The team is aware and will be handing out all missing awards. If you don't get them within 48 hours please open another ticket or contact them directly from within the app.
  • They rewarded mine already. Thanks tony 
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