Game does not open after update

Since updating the game to latest version,the game will not start/open..please help

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  • ozzyozzy
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    take it totally off again, clean out your storage cache on whatever you're using (phone, tablet, whatever), clean out the cache on your google play account also, restart your device and reload the game. it will start you back out on the training part, afterwards you can put in your original name/ facebook/ whatever and go back to your original game. happened to me a few weeks ago and did this and everything worked great, even made the game work better.


  • Mr or Mrs Ozzy😆
    I re-installed the game and did all the tutorials but how do I get my original position or stage that I was at with all my cars etc?It asked my use Facebook or guest but I didn't use Facebook when starting the game months ago..I had a snake wrapped around manifolds,grey in was one of the many options.
    Please help
  • did you go in on your google play account maybe vic? that's the only other thing i can think of brother, if this does not work, you may need to actually get in touch with support and see if they can hopefully find your stuff male, lol
  • Mr Male Ozzy🤣

    Thanks for the help but I didn't have Google play either lol

    Guess its support time
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