hero car release

I am just curious, but are you going to do the new car/hero car releases like the points/leveling up on versus? I mean 10 million takedowns is a tad overkill, esp on the first car. Does that mean by the time we get to the Ice Charger we'll have to do 100 million takedowns? Honestly, I think you could have started with a million takedowns and then just add an extra mil for each car afterwards and possibly give us all cars like the mysterious Nissan 300ZX, the Blackline Toyota, The Mazda RX7 and Shelby GT500 that others seem to have in versus. Knows those players are probably not real and just computer generated ghosts but still be nice if we could get those cars to. I just think by making it so many take downs now that players thats been playing awhile will be long past level 20 by the time we have a chance to get most of the hero cars. and, after level 20 and we get most of the cars, we kind of lose the incentive to keep playing. but, just a couple ideas.


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