cannot find support on my game

Hi Tony...Last night I tried to upgrade my Chevelle SS, When I clicked on it to do it, it blanked everything out and restarted the game on its own. When I got back on, My cash and cards for the upgrade were gone nor did it give me the upgrade or the 100 points to level up. When I clicked on it (the chevelle upgrade) it came back with a window that said "error 502" ..believes that was the numbers, it was late, like 12:30 am or so. Can anything be done or am I just outta the upgrade/points? Thanks for your help

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  • Hi Ozzy, did you happen to submit a support request from within the app? That's the best way to get support and possibly get your upgrade and points back. Simply explain what happened like you did above and they will take care of you. Apologies for the issue you experienced, we should be able to make it right.
  • I did as you said last night Tony. Thank you for your help
  • Support just contacted me and fixed the problem. Thank you Tony and tell support Thank You too..Tried myself but could not find the msg on my phone
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