Lost progress - HELP!

I would like to know what happened with all my progress in the game. 
On Friday I joined the game and connecting my GooglePlay account, all my progress disappeared. There was an error saying that you were in "Server Maintenance", since then I have never recovered my account. 
What happened? I lost everything, as if I had never played... 
I love this game, but I was very disappointed with this and I have to stop playing if you can not solve this issue.


  • Sounds like a bug. Please contact Customer Support by tapping on “Contact Us” inside the app, which you’ll find within the “FAQ” section.
  • I have the same problem with my game being reset, and I cannot find the "FAQ" section.
  • What you might want to try and do is unload and reload the game. Also, clear the cache on your google account and your phone/tablet/whatever you use to play. Once your game is reloaded you will have to do the training part over, and then after it will give you the choice to either sign in thru facebook or google, whichever you were originally using. However, be forewarned, I am not positive this trick will work if you are using one of the names the game made for you like I have on my 2nd game..yeah, has 2 games going simutaneously, had an extra phone, figured why not, lol. But knows it does work with a facebook or google account, has done it a couple times

    As far as the FAQ section goes, click on the gear symbol on the upper left corner of the main page (near your missions, just to the left of it), scroll to the bottom and click on the "help" icon, this will take you to the FAQ section where you will need to click on "general"

    If you still cannot find an answer there and need some one on one help, then in the upper right corner of the FAQ screen, click on the square that looks like a msg bubble, it will let you email the FnF TD folks directly

    Hope this helps
  • I tried doing that but it didnt work out so I'm going to talk to the fnf people directly. I appreciate the help though
  • Unfortunately, I have to say that my problem has never been solved.  The only solution the fnf team gave me, was to start the whole game again and they offered me the money I had in the game.  Of course I did not take it, because no money would give me back all the progress. 
    I was in level 11 of the game, in League 6 of the Versus Multiplayer almost coming to League 7. I had around 27 cars... and I lost everything. 
    I never played again. I gave up ...
  • I was level 11 too and I almost got the hero car that's available right now and then it all reset so I might be done too
  • Hi guys, thanks for commenting. I reached out to our Customer Support team and they provided more information. The reason for this is due to your original account being a Guest account and Transferring/uninstalling the App. As noted above, our only solution is to offer most of your progress i.e. Cars, Cash, Gold and a Legendary case. Sorry we couldn't be of more help.
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