PI Matchmaking

I really don’t understand the matchmaking process, why is my opponents way higher than mine. This has
been the case since the last couple of updates? When the game came out it was fine. Example my highest car 
950 PI is getting matched with 1062 PI ones?


  • Hey @Abbas last 2-3 updates completely changed my opinion about this "game"...This SMG studio is much worse developer than Kabam and even Natural motion...All in this game is Bs...They just want to grab fortune while abuseing F&F name in hope old players of FFL will come and spend some $ €,but it will not happen,bcz i guess many of us will leave or already leaved after we faced their stupid game moderation...Last "update" totaly screwed my game,bcz they fu*ked again steering and game is laggy as hell so im just crashing with my cars to the walls etc...And now they removed adds so i cant repair any car without cash spend...Im not far from hit uninstal button...
  • Hey Tomas, long time how you doing my friend. Yes I completely agree, I very near quitting, no crews or even a sign of hero cars, takes forever to level up, crates give crap rewards since update. 
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