Can you PLEASE ADD these!!!?

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Settings for steering:
Tilt to control 
On screen buttons(left, right, nitro, brake)
On screen steering wheel(mixed with buttons)
Settings for quality:
(low, med, high, ultra)
Numbers next to the stats before or after the bar. 
(The latter seems better)
Like this 
Power      □□□■■■■ ### +##
Handling □□■■■■■ ### +##
I have so many great ideas to implement. Email me @ [email protected]


  • can u please ad other categories of cars like Drift,Off-Road etc plz

  • Drag Racing too please and ladder missions were always fun
  • Drag Racing would be awesome. Hellcat would be cool. Why does every game nerf the Viper ACR?
  • Thanks for all your comments. Our crew is working hard to bring exciting new game updates your way and we appreciate hearing what you think of the Fast & Furious action so far! 

    Regarding the controls, did you know you can modify your steering controls in your game settings? Just pause the game during a race/mission to adjust sensitivity, invert steering and toggle between Tap or Drag controlled steering.

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