It sucks when you up killin it on takedown and you way past the bomb truck like 35,000 style points it freezes.I donno but it abit frustratin when you think you might be etching out a game high then bam nuttin.   Just Sayin otherwise The best game ever designed 
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  • ozzyozzy
    I never had it freeze after the bomb truck but has noticed once you take it out, it seems all the other cars now are twice as fast and nearly impossible to catch might get lucky n catch one or two, but....
  • I've had the same issue, it is so hard to pick up points after the bomb truck. Not had freezing during take-down though
  • ozzyozzy
    I'll admit, as you progress farther, it's possible to catch cars after the bomb truck (viper does it) but it still seems like the other cars become quicker. I can see how this could be possible with some of the other musclecars that aren't leveled up as high, but, most of mine if not all are at least level 12-15 now, it seems like catching them would be easy, like the cars before the bomb truck
  • When is the next hero challenge and what is the next car we are racing for????? Does anyone know...???
  • Ozzy I agree. Those cars are on constant boost speed it seems haha. Koolwhip they won’t say anything until it’s about to start that’s just how they are. They will put a Facebook post or tweet that it’s “coming soon” 
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