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Okay Okay to whom it may concern: 

I have been playing for a while now and and noticing some bugs that need fixing.

Bugs that need fixing 
While racing: All the other cars (challengers) front wheels are constantly turned left as the drive strait. 
And I loose sight of the car as I go under catwalks\bridges. 

In the customizing garage (the wing) appears underneath the vehicle. And appears that way while competing.

Gripe: During takedown missions. 
Every ‘rampage’ the Fox cars either are nowhere to be found or either seem to have unlimited turbo as well? (What is the point of rampage if all of a sudden the roads are clear and they all have nitros too)
 This also appears to happen when I’m down to the last 25-30 seconds of every takedown mission. Every car and armored truck is mysterious all on turbo/nitros. Even when I. In rampage mode? 
 Doesn’t make sense to me , can never get over 25 takedowns.

suggestion: Ability to sell cars we don’t want.
Also increase Mossion cap , especially If the amount of vehicles in our garage increases. 

Thanks 🙏Love this game! 

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  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I will pass this along to our developers.
  • I have a very big problem. I'm changed my device and when i loged in with my google play account, my account is lost. I have unlocked yesterday the Nissan GTR and the Mercedes AMG GTR. My account was Mercedes991. Please help me
  • Hi Mercedes991, the best way to look into this problem is to contact our support team directly from inside the game. You can find this under the settings menu. 
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