The game freezes.

I just acquired a new vehicle and everytime i try to customize it, the whole game freezes. 


  • Thanks for playing. Are you still experiencing this issue? We just had a release so you should not be encountering this freeze any more. If that is still the case please contact our Customer Support team by tapping on the help button in the menu settings.
  • Yes, it's "still" freezing..... & doing the same thing. 
  • I just tried to resolve the issue myself by moving the app from my sd card to my phone and thstthat did not solve thrthe issue. 
  • Freezes when I try to watch an ad and have to close the game down and re open
  • What device do each of you have?
  • iPhone 6
  • Hi Allan, I assume you have updated to the latest version? If not give that a try. If you have, contact our Customer Support team as they will be able to look further into this for you. Best way to reach them is going to menu settings and just clicking on help.
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    32GB  SD KARD
  • This issue have nothing to do with any of our device's...Im playing this game on two devices by two diff brands(i have two acc) ... both have last version of app instaled and both acc have this issue right from last "update" Every time i try to customize any car game freeze and sometimes while watching adds game crashing and self-rebooting... 
  • We are aware of issues with our customize features and we should have these fixed in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience.
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