New Car Suggestions

I’ve got some suggestions for some new cars in the game, and some customizations for them and existing cars. How about a delorean dmc-12 for the game? I already have 2 full customizations in mind: a back to the future kit, and a ecto-99 kit from Ready Player One. A customization for the cars in general: rocket bunny kit. A customization for the lotus esprit: the James Bond submarine car as a kit. How about a Lamborghini Countach? A delorean dmc-24 perhaps? Just a few suggestions to start with.


  • If anybody has any ideas, wants to comment on those ideas, come and post it here!
  • How about an ae-86 sprinter trueno 3-door liftback?
  • Thanks for the ideas cool2frog! We'll share with our developers.
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