Take Down Scoring... Hows it done?

I really like the game and since an update,  now in take down i have to hit the cars twice to knock them out... what am i doing wrong?? Plus my car is at the same number as other cars in the top 10, but im like 30xxx points behind and my take downs are not far behind....like 3 or 4... am i missing something... thanks for any help..


  • Have it same... Top ranked have 23 takedowns and over 50k points... Me 18 takedowns and always under 20k points... I guess we need to pay 50 $ monthly to be "good" as top ranked... So much BS in this game,bcz of high level of game moderation by devs...
  • There’s a few tricks that Ive picked up. Since the update I have to hit cars twice sometimes unless I’m getting a boost and hit from the side. The key is to try and get T-bone takedowns (3500 for armored and 14000 for explosive truck.) Also you get more points if you land on a car or take it down mid air. So the people that are getting over 50k usually land on the explosive truck to get 30000 points instead of the normal 10000. Hope that helps.
  • thanks for the insight... 

  • The key to getting a high score in the takedown mode is to take down the explosive truck in the air ( mid-air take down) or by landing on it ( death from the above). mid-air takedown gives you 20000 and death from the above gives you 30000 by taking down the explosive truck in these ways. I have scored 50000+ several times after discovering this. It requires some luck but won't be hard if you try and practice a few times.
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