So the new update stated that in versus racing we would be competeing against real time players and there would be 3 opponents instead of 1 but these aren’t real time players, these are still bots!! I just finished a versus race in 1st place with the 2nd place car about 800yards behind me but when times displayed, it showed that he finished exactly 1 second behind me, how’s is that possible if we aren’t racing against bots??


  • Just finished another race in first place with a time of 55 seconds but 2nd place got a time of 43 seconds, how does that happen??
  • Hi Airborne_Karma89, have you contacted our support team regarding this issue? We are not seeing this problem being brought up by others in reviews so this could very well be a bug that you are experiencing. We'd like to help you troubleshoot so please contact support by tapping on the help button within the game. Thank you.
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