Release Notes | Version 1.2.53

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We have even more updates, optimization and content coming in late February so strap in - the ride has only just begun. Read on to learn about this v1.2.53 update.


  • Versus multiplayer mode has changed from 2 to 4 player. Go bumper-to-bumper against 3 opponents from around the world.
  • More rewards! 1st and 2nd places will earn prize cases with upgrade cards and chances to get new cars.
  • Improved matchmaking against real opponents.
  • We've fine-tuned the league points, so for existing players your Respect total will go down, BUT your league position is unchanged!
  • We’ve added 10 new Los Angeles tracks for you to enjoy.


  • Distance and Takedown challenges have moved to the Events section.
  • Better alerts for missions for when you have daily gifts and missions rewards to claim.


  • Distance and Takedown daily events now have car class restrictions that change every 24 hrs along with the tracks.


  • Explore the new Garage grid view. Default view organized by garage power levels. Easier to browse your car collection, manage upgrades.


We’ve given the reward cases a slight tune-up. You’ll see the changes in this update as follows:

  1. RUNNER-UP: NEW! Awarded for 2nd place in Versus races.

  2. COMMON: Formerly called stock (name change only).

  3. UNCOMMON: Formerly called 'Pro'. Case texture change from camo to metal.


  1. HOME SCREEN: Improved UI for case slots.

  2. MISSIONS: Fixed display text error on progress bars showing incorrect totals.

  3. MISSIONS: opponent difficulty better balanced in AI races.

  4. VERSUS: Fixed issue with your best versus score being out of sync with the leaderboard.

  5. CHALLENGES: Fixed issue with missing player position in challenge leaderboards.

  6. GAMEPLAY: Fixed issue with Close-call bonuses triggering too soon.

  7. GAMEPLAY: Fixed issue with rear wheels moving horizontally during jumps.

  8. GAMEPLAY: Minor performance improvements.

  9. GAMEPLAY: Fixed issue where boost can be triggered during pause.

  10. GAMEPLAY: More cash rewards for combos in TAKEDOWN event.

  11. CARS: Fixed misaligned decals on customized Regal GNX & Nemesis RR.

  12. CAR GRID: Fixed issue where the repair button and timer remain after repairing a vehicle in the car grid.

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