Earning Cash

In missions, distance, and takedown races, the skill to cash earned ratio is very unbalanced, I have not yet really experimented with the takedown races but with the distance races I have noticed that the ratio is way off!! Let me explain, there are instances where I will not make time within about six miles and when it shows me my skill stats for the race I have noticed that I only earn about 120-135 cash, no big deal cause I didn’t so well, but there are also other instances where I’m on top of my game and I travel 14 miles and when it shows me my stats I noticed that they are 4x what I get when I travel 6 miles but the cash I apparently earn for my skills is only in the 160-175 range. This makes it extremely difficult to earn and build cash for upgrades and I believe it isn’t fair to those players that put up good stats. 
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