“Get to the Target in 60 seconds”

I have had this “CERBERUS #1” Get to the target in 60 seconds as a daily mission for 3 weeks. Every time I upgrade a car (fastest car is 881) I have been trying this mission, and never get past 84%. Is this unusual?  Seems like this shouldnt be played until you reach 1000 because the cars arent fast enough. Help!!


  • That sounds like a bug. Please contact Customer Support by tapping on the “Help” section inside the app, so they can get more information and help troubleshoot.

  • I have the exact same issue. My S2000 is at 884, and on a perfect run with no collisions and always boosting, I can only reach as far as 86 percent of the race.
  • Here's proof of the issue.

  • My best car is almost at 1000 and I still can’t get better than a 92%, every time I upgrade my car it’s like the mission becomes more difficult 
  • Have it same with mission Siberia reckon #1...Tryed to skip dat mission even with paying gold it just always come back... I feel it just like bs try to slow down ur progress... This game is just full of dumb game moderation by devs side... All they trying is just push on us to spend money... I have no problem with wasting my money on game, but first i wanna have fun and i need to feel i play fair game...I used to play FF6 and FFL in past and they were both managed in player fair way... Shame Takedown isnt and dats why my google play rating is 1*...
  • I am getting the same result with my skyline at 970 pi as it was with 950 pi and no difference when the skyline was 930 pi
  • Just to jump in. Thanks for the information and the video evidence of the problem. Good news! We've got a fix for that and it's coming soon in an upcoming patch later this month. 

  • The car must be over 1000 or higher and only the street category is good for it 
  • i dunno..is this the same one where Roman has been abducted? had it last night and did it in my Chevelle SS and it's only like 933 I think
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