opponents in Versus mode are always the same

Why in the last few days opponents in versus mode are the same 2 players with very high PI?


  • I'm getting the same problem for about 5 days now. Not a chance of winning against them.
  • Same problem here, always the same two cars with PI 1082 and PI 968, just can’t win!!! I can only guess that either there isn’t any actual players playing the same league as me (League Professional) or the game just don’t wanna let you win and get cases to upgrade the cars, hence, “use real money to buy cases, no free lunch”
  • Thanks for the feedback. Our support team is looking into this possible issue.
  • I am in professioal league as well, same problem.
  • Here the funny comes: I've managed to rarely win one of those bots and quess what? After I've improved my car just a little, the same bot with the same car on the same track got a 3 second better time ))) Versus is not driving against real opponents it's just beating the bots time.
  • fwan280fwan280
    edited January 23
    This game just want us to use real cash to buy cases and try to win in Versus. I used to play this game everyday, but now it just pointless to play, no matter how you upgrade your car, the bots will beat you. Now I also doubt that Daily Challenge is real player, while racing, when time is up, the so-called 1st place car is way behind me, but I did not came first, dun get it.....
  • I hate that the same car as I have seems to have 3 to 15 pi more then mine in versus mode and that if the other car hits a regular car it just floats through it no slow down when we git a car it slows us
  • This issue has now been resolved. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this by tapping “Help” within your game settings.
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