Bugs!! Prize NOT Given!! Invisible Wall!! Car Bounce!! Frame Rate Drop

Here are the list of BUGS I found! (updated version)

  1. Prize NOT Given in Daily Challenge  ( Please refer to my other post)
  2. Frame Rate Drop (Specially on Daily Distance Challenge, with opponent close behind it will drop heavily, I am using iPhone 7 Plus)
  3. Invisible Wall on flat surface
  4. Car Bounces ridiculously High on flat surface

Other more Bugs, please comment below!, Customer Support please do not reply us to email you guys! I have sent dozen of emails, no reply AT ALL

I like this game, but these bugs are just ridiculous!

For me, Daily Challenge Prize not Given is not the first time, last time I didnt say anything becoz I will only receive a Pro Case, but this time I came 1st!! WTF!! do you guys know how time consuming is it to climb to 1st and stay there for the day!?!?  


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