Fast & Furious Takedown Sunset Notice

Effective immediately, we are discontinuing support for Fast & Furious Takedown and there will be no further content or functionality updates. On October 31, 2019 the game’s servers will be shut down completely. Game progress, in-game items and user data will not be saved.

In-app purchases will be disabled on October 1, 2019. Remember to spend any remaining in-game currency before Fast & Furious Takedown goes offline and the game is no longer playable on October 31, 2019.

Thanks for playing!


  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣. What a waste of time this game was 
  • tried to tell everyone..knew this was gonna happen. they should release all the cars now and least let us play them
  • Bitter sweet experience you’ve given. 
  • My guess turned out to be correct. What a shame! I've been playing this game for a wonderful few months. In one month, it will all be over. Damn! :/ Nevertheless, admins please release all the cars including hero cars asap so that we - the ardent fans, can get our hands on them. It's a short life. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  • I second that idea least the hero cars as some sort of thank you to the players
  • How about the FF team allows us to SELL all of the garbage cars in our collection for CASH.  I have so many upgrades I need to finish and I'm about 10 MILLION DOLLARS shy of upgrading everything.  Yes - what a waste indeed.  What is the reasoning this time?  Your monitization not generating enough cash for you?  You guys couldn't even figure out the CREWS portion of this game??  What kind of monkey outfit is running this software studio?  I seriously can't understand why you guys can't turn a profit and keep the game going.......  Oh well, I guess we'll wait for the next sub standard Fast and Furious gaming experience - only to be let down again by the next software studio.  Great work!!!! 
  • Also, I am in shock with how many bugs exist in this game.  So many times where my car ends up plowing into an obstacle, then somehow driving directly under the road and into a digital abyss, only to be handed a defeat as a result of burning time while the game tries to reset my place on the road.  Such garbage.....
  • ¡Regalen una play card! Gaste saldo para el uso de la app
  • Bummer, but at least we can discuss the highs and lows of this game on my website (  I'm uploading all of my saved races to my YouTube channel as well.  It will be nice to reference this game from time to time.
  • The game will end today in 100 minutes. I'm going to spend all that time only in playing it. I and my son have created a noncommercial YouTube channel called Vahasn Furious. The channel's name is a mixture of our names and also it sounds like Fast and Furious. Ain't it?  ;)

    It was created only to post gameplay videos of Fast and Furious - Takedown. Subscribe to the channel so that we can continue our discussions there. I'll get back to the game now. I'll also record some of them and upload them on the channel. Especially the last few minutes of the game before it's sunset.
  • Has anyone seen the other games SMG makes? totally lame..hard to believe they made this one looking at those. Is hoping they come back with a new version of this game, possibly the crews versions they had told us about. Still thinks they should of released all the cars, at least on the last kind of a reward for the so many of us that supported this game
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