Double tap instead of sliding finger up to boost!

Too often I lose a race because I didn't slide exactly straight or some other B.S. when boosting. End up having to do it multiple times to achieve my NOS. A double tap to boost would work better and also would not affect your steering if done on the middle of the screen area. Please add this option in settings to driving options in Android.
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  • i dunno, could work..i'm so much nailing my boost constantly....tho, if you race in those tunnels, knows it's nearly impossible to boost and steer, it pretty much wont let you til a straight section
  • Double tap is in the settings right now. But I agree with you. It took me very long to get used to the upwards slide. Now I'm so used to it that a double tap will not help me. Also the slide has caused several scratches on my phone's screen guard that it might need a replacement soon.  :D
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