Hero Challenge Race 24

Anyone else having trouble with Race 24? It seems that the time limit is too short. I’ve had basically perfect races and I’m still coming up about 3-5 seconds short. I can’t find anywhere to make up that kind of time. Every race before this was fair, but this one seems like it needs to be adjusted. Sucks to get half way through and be stuck. 


  • I’m stuck. Can’t upgrade car anymore.  I’ve raced everything trying to get cards or something. 
  • Has anyone found a way past this race?!?!

  • Oops, I missed the tiny little arrow to skip races. That helped, but now today my event reset to Race #1. 🤬
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    Good afternoon, I created the account with the purpose of supporting the discussion, I made two full days of the 24th race and there is still no way to win with 1.25min. Of course, payload is not impossible, I suppose the challenge is too big to be in the hero'race
  • I made it thru, Don't actually recall #24, sorry. Knows I had trouble with some of the takedown events, take out 4 yet at start 2 of them would hit and take out each other making it impossible to get 4 kills for yourself. those timed runs? You just gotta be constantly boosting and pretty much not hit anything, I've come across the line with the exact max time more than once. the races, as long as you get out in front at beginning, you never see them again. All the other races are pretty easy..after a few, you know where and when the avalanches will happen, or where you can boost in the tubes..and those airtime tracks? lol..see the end of the race and don't have the needed airtime? Stop, turn car around and jump it again...no time limit
    Any way, hopes this helps you out, this is my 3rd Escort so I done it a few times
  • Thanks ozzy.  I had the same glitch. To the point I would restart when I only seen two vehicles to take out. 
  • La pasada pista helada dejó lo mejor de su juego, felicitaciones. Se aprecia mucho mejor los golpes y rozaduras contra el escenario, es verdad que con la acumulación de velocidad es que se cruza la meta, gracias admin! Tenerlo en gráficos máximos es lo mejor. 
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