Missing Cars

Has anyone else noticed this yet? In your garage, unless you own a Lotus or BMW already, none of the others you are still waiting on are now gone in your garage. I noticed this after level 15 and 19 mysteriously disappeared. Thinks there are more cars gone,has 39 in my first game, had to start over on my 2nd so KNOWS these cars are somehow gone
Does this mean eventually the ones we own will vanish too? Hopes not. Will let everyone know what else is missing too


  • all the mercedes are also gone from the garage
  • Everything is still in the garage for me. My main issue is still not getting back my correct level up points. I have so many cars to upgrade but I don’t wanna do it until it gets fixed. If it’s not within the next few days I think I am done with this game. Tired of getting screwed over lol
  • yeah, try to find neil, km..he couldnt get my points back, but gave me a load of money and a couple gold cases as well...made up my  missing points and then some

    and yeah, any mercedes, lotus or BMW's that you havent gotten yet? seems you cant/wont now..its the same on my old game as well as the one i just started
  • I did find neil. Talked to someone else and they just said that it was currently under investigation and they will let me know when there is a resolution. No gold or anything for me. As far as the cars I think I have the only ones they already had out. I’m pretty sure I got the lotus not too long ago
  • i dunno, know there is a lack of seeing cards for any of them also. really hope we get to keep the cars and they dont vanish. wonders if the M1 was why it kept messing up
  • noticed this tonight to make the missing cars stranger, the cars on my 1st game that are just nowhere to be found on my new game i still get cards for. i still see the missing ones as racers on my new game also esp on versus...
    has level 15 and 19 always been gone? I cant find any missing hero cars I dont think, I was only around 14 when everything started
  • Hi guys, unfortunately we had to remove a number of cars from the game due to licensing agreements. If you contact Customer Support and let them know of the vehicles you no longer have access to they will make sure to provide you with some in-game cash rewards and other benefits. I know it's not what you want to hear but we had no choice. Sorry guys.
  • I kinda figured it was a licensing issue. Will we get to keep the missing cars we have already acquired?

  • Hi Ozzy, unfortunately not. We will provide you with in-game rewards as mentioned above. Not sure on timing of when they will be removed.
  • Sigh ok..Any plans of adding more cars?
  • WOW, Looks like the Mini Cooper is going to be gone too :(
    Has an idea, Since I know I'm going to lose 10 cars now (that I know of so far), How about just releasing all the hero cars? Or letting us win one or two on these Hobbs
    /Shaw challenges? Or bringing in cars like GT500 or others that we race in Versus but are no where available to us?
    Lots of other cars by the automakers you do have now, esp stuff that was actually in the movies like the F-Bomb Camaro or the Ford Lightning
  • Hi Ozzy, I don't have much insight but will see what I can get.
  • Hey tony I know u told me all you knew about the hero events just wondering in this new upgrade I just did 1.702 are we gonna get to win any hero cars???? Since we lost a bunch of others???????z?
  • Hi Koolwhip, at this time no. I am trying to get more info.
  • Hey tony did u mean no we wont be able to win hero cars in this 1.702 upgrade? Or no.u dont know anything about it and we might be able.to??
  • I'm missing cars to my BMW and Mercedes
  • They're gone Hatchett, as well as the mini cooper and all the Lotus's, Lost the licensing for them. They took 9 of mine but gave 1.7 mil in cash plus "I think" a legendary (gold) case for each. I didn't count them, but there was a lot of them. Hopefully they'll add more cars to make up for the ones gone. Be my guess that's why levels 15 and 19 are also missing, guessing they contained cars on the chopping block
    If you did not receive cash or cases for your missing cars, Then you should probably contact customer support Hatchett
  • Hey koolwhip, sorry just seeing your question back to me. Unfortunately no hero cars in 1.7.02.
  • OK, I can kinda understand losing licensing on some cars but how come the Shelby Daytona is now gone too? Obviously Ford and Shelby are still okay since I still have my Mustang SuperSnake
  • Yeah I don’t get that either. I’m actually done playing this game for awhile (if not for good). Frankly I’m pretty bored with the game and the Hobbs and Shaw events just give out cash and crap rewards cards. Also, I’ve maxed out two cars and I constantly get upgrade cards for them. I’ll check back periodically and see if there are any updates that catch my interest lol.
  • How about just releasing half of the hero cars and adding them into more levels on the game?
  • Just curious, But the cars taken from us are still appearing in versus races. Wouldn't that be
  • hmm...seems to have only took half my question, but, wouldnt that still be a licensing deal if those cars still show up in races?
  • Does anyone know how to get the 240SX?
  • no idea..kinda unknown like the old Shelby GT500 Fastback, hopefully it's new cars they'll add to the game later to replace the ones they took away
    What is really strange is that none of the mods have been answering any of our questions for a long time, Hopefully that's not a sign that they getting ready to discontinue this game
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