Release Notes | Version 1.7.01


Get ready for a takedown rampage in Shaw’s Flip Car Event! Read on to learn what’s under the hood in v1.7.01.

- Shaw Takedown Events! Can you handle the ultimate takedown machine–the Flip Car? Take on choppers, missile tanks and deadly terrain to win big rewards!
- Shaw Black Ops Bundle! Shaw special offer to celebrate Shaw’s new event

- Settings UI to force set Orientation if the user has Orientation Lock
- Triple your cash bonuses on game-over for additional races
- Your PB ghost added to Hobbs Survival challenge
- ‘Recommended’ label added to car grid selection
- Visual improvements to Siberia mountain roads

- Increased performance on low-end devices

- Fix for game soft lock after completing Mission Siberia Recon 2
- Fix for unlocked cars not displaying in the correct order in garage
- Fix for thumbnails disappearing in the hero ladder pop-up when rotating the device
- Fix for zoom restriction in garage customisation view
- Fix for chopper clipping buildings in chopper pursuit races
- Fix for Close Call bonuses displayed as ‘x’
- Fix for missing leaderboard when switching between events
- Fix for overlapping offers in the shop
- Missing restrictions info added to event calendar pop-up

See you on the streets,
The Fast & Furious Takedown Team
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