So yesterday’s distance race I had the #1 spot, and this morning when I went to go collect my legendary case, it said that I didn’t even race the track!! 


  • The same thing just happened to me today. I’m actually pretty pissed about it. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it
  • Hi Airborne_Karma89 & vi_saint. This issue sounds like a bug. Please send an email to Customer Support at [email protected] so they can get more information and help troubleshoot.

  • This just happened to me in the takedown side. I finished 2nd overall and never got anything for it. 
  • fwan280fwan280
    edited January 9
    Happen to me as well today! I have won the 1st place on Distance Challenge (08 Jan), but today (09 Feb) I dun receive any notification whatsoever to let me collect my prize! WTF! 

    I dun know is it becoz I started the Challenge at Group 6, then throughout the day I reached Level 7, so the game won’t recognise, cant even check the “Yesterday” record to prove myself. So pissed
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