Why don't I see Shaw Takedown Event in the recent update?

Today I have updated the game to the latest version. I did not see any additional event other than the usual three - rampage, endurance and ice rush. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. There was no Shaw Event. Could you please tell me whats going on?


  • No clue vaasan, i played the first part of the Shaw challenge, then did the update and everything vanished..Be my guess its coming soon tho from the look of the Shaw special offer that only lasts a week tho
  • Ozzy. Tech support has replied to this as well. It seems that Shaw Event has some issues. And so they have pulled it out of the game to debug. We will soon have it. I hope.
  • I also had my level up go from 2,700/5000 to 2,000/5000. Thank god I’ve been doing screenshots of everything lately lol. I’ve been emailing back and forth with tech support all day but they’ve been pretty helpful. 
  • Ask for Neil if you can km, He fixed mine, did not get my points back, but got $100,000/2legendary cases and $50,000/1 legendary case..got my points back and then some
  • Hope it comes back soon vassan, the 4 races I did were extremely fun in the flip car, esp on different tracks from normal rampage races..the snow one is cool
  • I got an email back saying it has been forwarded to the development team 🙄. I literally sent them screen shots to prove it. Oh well hopefully it gets resolved soon!
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