Recent update

Ever since the latest update the game has become near impossible to play as it keeps lagging. 
I have never had this problem before in this game and when doing take-down or distance it becomes a total nightmare. 
Please fix this as soon as as possible so we can get back to playing normally again. 


  • ozzyozzy
    Has not seen this but I may have a solution for you. If your game is under a facebook account (user name) then unload and reload the game, You will have to do the training mission part again, but afterwards you will have the option to remain playing as a guest or with your facebook account, IF your original game was under a Facebook account, it will return you to your original game and this usually will make your game run better and kill the lagging issue
  • OK, I have done that, re-installed the game, now it crashes every time I try to select a car for any race. 
  • ozzyozzy
    has a couple other possible solutions, try clearing out the cache on your phone or tablet or whatever you're using. Also, try (only says try cause i've only found it once) but try to clear out the cache on your play store account. If neither of these help you, You "may" have a storage issue on your device, but if neither does work, I would consult support directly via your game help screen
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