Upgrading your vehicle's

Make it to where u upgrade the parts such as engines and gear box and ect. Im not complaining or anything just throwing it out there and why not throw in some trucks for u to drive like Dodge Ram 1500 hemi or Ford raptor or ford lighting js it would make things more interesting
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  • I somewhat agree with Gator, If we are staying with the cars from the fast n furious movies, one of the first rides we all saw Paul Walker in was a Ford Lightning, plus a ton of trucks in the 2nd movie
  • Oh, and Gator, While I think the individual part upgrade is a somewhat good idea, I just honestly think that A) the programmers would have to totally restructure the game and it would cause probably a lot more storage or mb's or whatever than most phones could handle (not a computer person, just guessing), remember, ATM there's 60 plus cars with hopefully more on the way, That's a ton more to add to the game. And B) You think players complain about cards now? think about the can of worms it would open up if we had to not only look for whatever was needed for these individual upgrades but also the cost of them. Could be a good idea tho if the (developers) ever upgrade/replace the game with another version tho
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