Release Notes | Version 1.5.62


Play one handed on the go in portrait, or strap in for a full-speed experience in landscape.
The v1.5 update features a responsive UI that lets you play how you want. Choose ultra-responsive drag controls for maximum drift, or on-screen taps for precision drivers.

11 furious new tracks in Siberia. Race through subterranean bunkers, drift on the edge of icy ridges, and launch off sky high jumps against real players in this high-speed, high-risk location.

• Responsive UI for portrait and landscape gameplay. Rotate to change at any time! 
• 11 new Siberian tracks for Versus 4-way multiplayer. 


• Multiple minor UI fixes.
• Fixes for minor in-game rendering issues.
• Multiple fixes for translation errors. 

See you on the streets,
The Fast & Furious Takedown Team.


  • How do I play in landscape mode?
  • Tony, are we gonna have another hero event any time soon? Also, are we ever gonna have crews in this game or no?
  • Glad I'm not the only one who cannot figure out how to play in landscape mode, has tried turning both my phones before and during races and nothing happens except it messes up my race, lol
  • Mod_TonyMod_Tony admin
    edited June 2019
    What devices do you all have? You simply just need to upgrade and turn your phone as you have attempted. Can you make sure your device doesn't have rotate locked? Let me know and we can take a look at your specific cases.
  • hey Tony, My main game is on an LG X power and my second game is on a Samsung Galaxy S7, I'm not positive if I have a rotate lock on the LG, But I'll look around later and get back to you, But I'm pretty sure the S7 doesn't because I was playing a game before to where the screen played in landscape mode, but then again maybe the game only was available in that mode. Either way I'll check into both and let you know.

    BTW, awesome job on adding the Siberian tracks, After playing the hero challenge I was always curious how well my other cars would work on those tracks
  • Update..It's all good, Figured it out, well, on the LG...S7 is my g/f's old phone, She can find it for me, lol
  • I didn't figure out landscape mode on my Samsung S7. Is this model available for this Tony ?
  • It's on there LoRsnZo, Has the same phone...on your screen when you turn your phone, drag down the menu where you adjust your volume, turn on wifi the upper right crner on the top line is the "portrait" icon...Turn it on and it will work on your game
  • Make sure you have 1.5.62 version as well LoRsnZo
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