Release Notes | Version 1.4.60

Streamlined tutorial. More action, more furious driving.
All new Events UI design.
Community Challenges! Reach the target to unlock new events or rewards.
Hero Events! Compete for the iconic Fast & Furious Hero cars. Owning a Hero car boosts the performance of all your rides.
New race location - Russian military bunker.
Missile tanks! Tough new takedown opponents in Siberia.
Awesome special offers to celebrate your Versus league promotions.

Improved race flow. Easier to repair, upgrade and customize prior to racing.
Improved car selection grid race objective and car restrictions now shown.
New jump ramps added to Versus L.A. tracks. Who says cars don’t fly!
Improved starting camera in Versus races.
Improved visual effects for explosions, rubble, dust and avalanches.

Increased performance on low-end devices.
Improved battery life on low and high-end devices.
Pause menu includes battery-saving mode option.

Fixed critical error if car is wrecked twice in Distance event.
Global position returned to versus leaderboard as well as your league position.
Multiple fixes to leaderboard display.
Fix for bomb trucks not dropping bombs in missions.
Multiple fixes for car grid display.
Fix for unpausing a race causes the position to decrease.
Minor in-game physics and shadow fixes.


  • What’s the deal with the ads now after events? 
  • Доброго времени суток! Огромный минус после обновы - очень назойливая реклама. Интересная игра.
    - принудительный просмотр рекламы для быстрого открытия кейсов это норм.  20 секунд езды и после заезда 20-30сек.реклама. - ЭТО ОГРОМНЫЙ МИНУС. Который понижает играбельность. 
    Прошу пересмотреть этот нюанс. 
    Было бы хорошо между заездами, чтобы реклама была с крестиком с первой секунды рекламы или каждые 10 заездов, хотя бы.
    Пропадает интерес к игре. 
    Спасибо за внимание и понимание. Всем приятной игры и удачных заездов. 
  • So you mean to tell me you guys made us wait all this time for hero events and now the community has to make 10 million Takedown’s before it gets unlocked lmao. That’s gonna take a pretty long time. 
  • Did we make 10 Million Takedowns? Where's the FF Car? Event is gone
  • event starts tomorrow to win the hero car
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