Release Notes | Version 1.1.15

Wildcard Missions - Earn upgrade cards for the car you choose in this neck and neck racing mission.
Upgrade cards can now be purchased in the shop. Cards rotate daily.
New Airtime missions - avoid the missile launching chopper attacks.
New Time Trial missions added.

Easier to get a perfect start on the Tacho mini game on Sports Car Class cars.
Improved Design for game over screens.
Improved Performance on low end devices.
Better balancing of Takedown opponents in Missions and Takedown Challenge.
iPhone XS and XR Notch support.
Better boost and braking detection, to reduce accidental boosting and braking.
Car classes have more defined personalities between Muscle, Street, Sport, Custom, Super and Hyper.
Car classes are better balanced to be more competitive.


  • Update caused tons of bugs. I can no longer play since I claimed my epic mission crate which froze and now every time I open the app, it stays on that screen but won’t open the crate and I cannot get past it. Before that, I couldn’t upgrade any of my cars either. I like the new aesthetics better though. 
  • Thanks for your feedback! Are you still experiencing these bugs today? We saw similar error yesterday, but things should be working as expected today. Please let us know!
  • Need to upgrade help
  • Mod_TonyMod_Tony admin
    Hi monkeyschip, what exactly do you need help with? Have you updated to the latest release?
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