Has there been a recent update or are certain other players only allowed to have certain cars, perhaps for testing purposes? Knows I have raced more than one GTX that supposedly can only be acquired by the hero mode which has not started yet. Also see's a lot of cars all of a sudden no where on my car list..regular or hero, like a Shelby GT500 Fastback, Blackline Toyota, Mazda RX7, Nissan 240SX and many more. Are these upcoming cars for the rest of us?


  • I find that really odd as well. Supposedly the update is sometime this month but I’m becoming impatient. No hero car events and more importantly no crews which was a staple in other F&F games. There have been no updates on that either. I’m sure they will say “coming soon this year”
  • We are on schedule to have the update this month. We are aiming for end of this week but have to go through our formal steps. Thanks for your patience, we know we've been saying "coming soon" for awhile but it really is around the corner.
  • What about crews? Or is this just for hero events
  • Currently just hero events.
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