Multiple filler cards that will never be used .

I have a suggestion however it is not my idea originally Another member had posted this "sell cars" I simply just happened to see it and love the concept it's a win, win. Hats off to memeber  that posted the great idea .so instead of already wasting 2-3 min of our lives watching ads each time we win a few vs races. Only to win cards we already own (unfortunately it happens to me with every single box) idk 50 Ford focus cards and a few rare ones ) yes every single time even with the uncommon and elite boxes . if we were able to sell them off even for 10 for 1 that would be great . Of course you would charge gold for that luxury but that's fine too . I'll pay to get rid of my 5000+ throwaway cards . maybe even sell them back to the game <.nvm actually thats a bad  idea the game will just reward us back the same ones . anyhow " sell cars "yes please  
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