Stop giving these useless dud cards please

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I got 3000+ civic ej1 wtf and 2000+ Ford focus . Double wtf! I could care less about the lower end lotus or the stupid integra.  I understand they have to give out filler cards to everyone I know I cant win new car or updates  all the time however I do spend more time and  resources than I should it'll be nice if they didn't reward me with something iblnow and they know I'll never use . Also since when did the uncommon box and or rare boxes become littered with common and crummy cars . I like this game but boy does it RIP you off. Already in my top 10 rip you the fxxx off games list of all time . Sorry for the rant just had to get that off my chest . Oh and no more Mini coopers I cant stand that darn thing . The mini cooper is on level 10 with 749_190 cards 
What you expect me to do with that might as well give me nothing instead of pissing me off 


  • 👍🏻  Agreed
  • Another reason why I had to take a break from this game. I had two cars completely maxed out and would still get cards for them constantly. 
  • Knows on other cars it's like pulling teeth to get cards, sigh.Some it seem if you can break level 8 or 9, you might see a couple every now and then once in a while. And, I'm sorry, I just can't bring myself to not only buy cards to upgrade say my hero car escort but then I gotta pay for it too, lol...I'm willing to bet, that on anything past level 15 it could cost you 100,000 to do an upgrade buying both..umm, no
  • Yes I think they were up over 135k to upgrade lol. I got a lot of cash from when they took all those cars out of the garage and I still had a few million left so it wasn’t an issue. 
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